Product Support

Thank you for your recent HealthSmart product purchase. We are proud to include you in our long list of happy customers.

In order to ensure your ongoing satisfaction, we offer a limited warranty on many of our online healthcare products. Though there are exceptions to our general warranty policy and what products are covered, we do make an effort to protect your purchase for up to one year after shipping. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover those items that were damaged by misuse, exposed to water, moisture or liquid, have come in contact with dirt, grime or sand or were improperly stored. Limitations also exist for those items where the user damaged the item or altered the function of the item in any way.

If you have any additional questions regarding the warranty and how it applies to your product purchase, the details of our one-year warranty can be found below. We also welcome your questions, comments or concerns and invite you to contact our customer care team by phone or online now.