About Healthsmart

As specialists in healthcare product design, we believe what we do is a duty and a responsibility that should never be taken lightly. We know the quality and dependability of our products have the ability to enhance and protect a customer’s way of life, therefore, we are always working to surpass even our already unparalleled product excellence. We’re constantly looking to innovate, streamline and refine our products to ensure complete and total satisfaction.

Backed by almost seven decades of experience, the HealthSmart team, formerly Briggs Healthcare, offers thousands of health and wellness products. It is our goal to combine fashion and style with form and functionality.  

Comprised of items for every member of your family, our online collection of wellness products helps people of all ages enjoy mobility, freedom, and independence. Designed with you in mind, every item, from blood pressure monitors to therapeutic wraps, is thoughtfully created and offered at fair and competitive prices.

We simply believe our customers deserve high-quality, industry-leading care and therapy products that can be trusted. At HealthSmart, it’s all we do.

Find out more about our full line of products by browsing our collection now. We offer instant customer support for any questions you have about the proper use of any item or about our warranty policy.