What Our Customers Have To Say About The MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor

At HealthSmart, we love being able to sell our quality healthcare products in both the business to business settings, as well as selling directly to you, the customer, in the business to consumer setting. As a medical manufacturing company, nothing makes us happier when we hear positive things about how their lives are being affected by using our products.

In today’s blog post, we would like to address some of the positive reviews that our customers felt compelled to write about the MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor because while positive reviews mean a lot to every company, it truly makes us smile to know that our quality healthcare products really do make an impact.

If you are considering purchasing the MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor, we urge you to read the following testimonials so that you can have a second opinion on this innovative healthcare product.

Customer Testimonials

Katie - Amazon Marketplace User, “Easy to read. Easy to use.” (5-Star Review)

“This blood pressure monitor is fabulous. It’s extremely accurate, comfortable to wear, easy to read, and easy to use. I especially like that it provides the average of my last three readings. It comes with the monitor, a storage case, and batteries (super convenient!). I couldn’t be more pleased with it, it arrived quickly and in great condition! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good blood pressure monitor.”

Katie, we are so happy to hear that the MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor arrived quickly to your home. We are also very happy to hear that the memory functions on the blood pressure cuff has proven to be convenient for you. As a medical manufacturing company, it is our goal to provide our customers with quality medical equipment for home use, and hearing that that is what we have done for you brings us great joy. We hope you continue to enjoy our innovative medical product!

Thunderkitty - Amazon Marketplace User, (Highly Recommended! Great Quality.” (5-Star Review)

“This blood pressure cuff is very nice. The cuff has a nice curve it making it easy to apply to your own wrist. The memory setting will come in handy for keeping track of blood pressure over time. I like that it also tells me my pulse. The comfort of using a wrist cuff vs an upper arm cuff is a huge improvement, no numbness or tightness. It comes with a storage case too which is great for storage. Just a tip to those buying a wrist cuff, you should keep your wrist rested on a surface at heart level, not at a normal low table height like you would with an upper arm cuff, in order for the reading to be accurate. I definitely recommend this product. It feels like it is good quality and will last for a good long time.”

Thunderkitty, we appreciate your kind words, as well as your fun username. We are very happy to hear that our home healthcare product has eliminated the negative symptoms that your past blood pressure wrist cuffs have caused. Additionally, thank you for providing consumers like yourself with a tip to ensure more accurate blood pressure readings.

Joyce L. - Amazon Marketplace User, “Very easy to use as compared to other wrist monitors.” (5-Star Review)

“Very easy to use as compared to other wrist monitors, no change in blood pressure reading when compared with other blood pressure monitors.”

Joyce, thank you very much for your positive review, we are very happy that you like the MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor. One of the reasons that we sell this wonderful home healthcare product is because of its incredible accuracy in finding the user's blood pressure. We believe this to be an innovative healthcare product because, like you said, it is much more accurate than some of the other blood pressure wrist cuffs on the market. We hope that you continue to enjoy the product.

Erinnesis - Amazon Marketplace User, “Knowledge is power.” (5-Star Review)

“I appreciate that this blood pressure cuff does so much more than my previous one. It holds more history than others and seems to be just as accurate as the other. This is great to keep at home or on the go to monitor your health.”

Erinnesis, we are incredibly happy to hear that our home healthcare product has been so beneficial for you. One of our favorite features of this product, much like yours, is that it can store up to 120 blood pressure readings. Additionally, we would like to thank you for pointing out that our home healthcare product can also be used on the go! We hope that you continue to love your MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor.

Katie D.- Amazon Marketplace User, “Works well, accurate, easy to use.” (5-Star review)

“Worked very well as hoped. I bought this for my husband do to slightly concerning results at his last checkup, as well as for myself. I appreciate that this blood pressure monitor has a memory plus a date and time stamp for each. You put it on and push the power and It just starts going to work. Fits nicely on my small wrist and also on my husband's large wrist and it's comfortable for both of us. Accurate and lets you know if you have an irregular heartbeat & hypertension scale. Batteries are easy to change. I'm very happy with this product!”

Katie, we are beyond happy to hear that you have had a great experience with your new MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor. We recognize that buying medical equipment online can be very hard, especially considering product fit, so your testimonial of this product versatile fit means a lot to us.

Book Lover - Amazon Marketplace User, “First class blood pressure monitor.” (5-Star Review)

At my age, I try to keep my blood pressure down. I do not take blood pressure medicine yet, but I keep a sharp check on my blood pressure levels at the place where I volunteer. The MABIS Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a great addition to my first aid kit. It was very easy to set up, it takes two AAA batteries which were included. It has a memory which can save up to 120 readings and you can set the day and time of each reading. It will even warn you of an irregular heart rate. This is a first class blood pressure monitor and I highly recommend it.

Book Lover, we are thankful for another great review from another great username! We too think that the MABISⓇ Blood Pressure Monitor is a top-notch example of medical product innovation, but we are a little biased, so it is nice to hear it from you! We hope you continue to love your new blood pressure cuff.

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