The Walking Stick, Reinvented

Walking sticks and canes are an important asset to both the injured and the elderly. With walking being an important and essential action, anything that can improve someone's ability to walk is a wonderful home healthcare product that can aid in providing the user with a happier and healthier life.

At HealthSmart, your medical manufacturing company, we manufacture and sell quality healthcare products that are both innovative and practical in improving people's overall health. One of the products that we sell, in particular, that helps improve people's mobility and health is the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane.

In today post, we will discuss walking aids, in particular walking sticks and canes, the importance of walking and the benefits that these mobility assistance products can provide.

Health Benefits Of Walking/Activity

Before we dive into the benefits that a mobility aid like the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane can provide, it is important that we discuss the benefits of walking in old age and injury.

Benefits Of Walking When Injured

When you are injured, it is extremely easy to feel compelled to spend all of your time on the couch recovering, but walking, even slowly, can help you recover faster, as well as maintain strength. First and foremost, it is important to consult your medical professional before walking regularly, as some injuries require extra precautions that others may not.

If you have been medically cleared to walk, walking for a simple 10-15 minutes a couple times a day can drastically improve your health. Not only will walking act as a form of cardiovascular exercise that you would be foregoing if you remained on the couch, but also the movement can maintain the mobility and range of motion in your joints. But walking is not only beneficial to the injured, it can also be valuable to the elderly.

Benefits Of Walking For The Elderly

For the elderly, walking can be extremely beneficial to their overall health. The primary benefit of walking for the elderly is exercise. As you get older, mobility is often lost, and weight is often gained as a result of mobility loss. With the help of a mobility aid like the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane, an elderly person may be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by simply walking regularly at their own pace, as it is still a form of cardiovascular exercise.

Benefits Of A Walking Aid

Now that we have discussed the importance of walking, even for the injured and elderly, we will now discuss the benefits of using a walking aid while participating in physical exercise.

Back & Joint Health

One of the largest benefits of a home healthcare product like the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane is that it helps redistribute the body weight of the user. Because of this, those that are injured or suffering a mobility issue due to old age can utilize the walking stick or cane to improve mobility while safely supporting themselves.

The use of a cane or walking stick is extremely beneficial to the safe distribution of body weight away from injured or damaged joints like the knees or ankles, as well as properly influencing back posture.

Stability and Balance

Similarly to improving your posture and taking the weight off of your joints, a mobility aid like Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane is a valuable asset in improving both stability and balance. As someone who is suffering from an injury or the ailments that come with old age, it is extremely important to improve stability, as it reduces the chance of falling, creating further injury. Additionally, when trying to avoid injury or further injury, a quality healthcare product like a mobility aid can aid in tough walking conditions like unstable ground and hills.

Improved Confidence

A lot of the time when someone is suffering from an injury or experiencing the increased difficulty of getting around in old age, they may feel unconfident in their abilities to move around, unwilling to take the risk of falling. With healthcare supplies like the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane, people may feel more confident in their ability to move freely, as they have an extra support to rely on in perilous walking situations. While mobility aids like walking sticks or canes can help aid in back and joint health, stability and balance, and confidence, it is extremely important to ensure the length of the cane meets the height requirements for the individual using it.

The Importance Of Proper Walking Aid Hight

Believe it or not, a cane or walking stick can actually be bad for you if it is improperly sized, that is. Some of the potential side effects for an unsized walking aid are additional injury or agitation of an existing injury, as well as unnecessary strain on the muscles that are used to support body weight. To properly size a home healthcare product like a cane or walking stick, you can either measure at home or have it adjusted by your healthcare professional. If you do decide to do it at home, your medical manufacturing company HealthSmart has compiled a short list of steps to aid you in your endeavor.

  1. To ensure that the mobility aid is most effective, make sure that you are wearing the walking shoes that you most often use, as people often size their walking aid barefoot, making the cane or walking stick too short for optimal function.
  2. Second, stand up in your most comfortable normal walking posture and let your hands fall to your side. It is important that during this step you bend your elbow slightly as if there was a mobility aid in your hand.
  3. Lastly, with the help of someone else, measure the distance from the ground to your head with a tape measure or yardstick to ensure that the correct measurement is made. If it is not an exact measurement, round to the nearest inch.

The Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane, Your Mobility Solution

A quality healthcare product like the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane is an important mobility asset to someone who is experiencing injury or impaired mobility as a result of old age. When sized correctly, a cane or walking stick can help prevent from further injury or joint damage by improving joint and muscle strain, stability and balance, as well as the user's confidence in their ability to safely walk.

Our product, the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane, is the perfect example of a quality healthcare product that helps improve user mobility. It is extremely functional with a lightweight aluminum frame that can support up to 264 pounds, as well as featuring an easily adjustable height, so that the user may easily transition from walking without shoes to walking with shoes without sacrificing the perfect fit. Lastly, the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane features a folding design, making it easy to stow away in a purse or it’s water-resistant carry bag when in tight spaces.

At HealthSmart, we take pride in being a medical manufacturing company and being able to offer people the ability to buy medical supplies online. After all, everyone deserves access to home healthcare products that can positively affect their mobility and lives.

To view our large inventory of quality healthcare products, visit our online store. For any questions that you may have about our company or products, please feel free to contact us today.