The Importance of Organizing Medication

Medicine of different forms has been aiding humanity in combatting or managing illness since the beginning of time, proving its importance to society. As medical product innovation has increased, so has the scope of curable or manageable ailments and illnesses that can be treated with modern medicine. While medicine can efficiently treat a person’s symptoms or other conditions, improper adherence to a medication plan can drastically reduce, or negate, the positive effect of the medication.

How Can I Better Adhere To My Medication Plan?

Here at HealthSmart, we are a medical manufacturing company, making quality healthcare products that allow people to live better, healthier, lives. One of our innovative medical devices that increases adherence to medical plans is our nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer, a seven-day medication organization system. Medical management is an important tool in the healthcare industry, as a patient’s independence is often reliant on how well they can follow their prescribed medications. So why do medication organizers help people adhere to their prescribed medical plans?

Potential For Misuse

  • Memory issues may potentially cause someone to forget when to take their medication, or to even take it at all. While this is a common issue with dementia patients, it is not uncommon for older individuals who are not diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder to also become more forgetful as a natural part of aging.

  • Mislabeling is an extremely likely scenario that may occur when a pill organizer is not used, as the opening and closing of multiple medication bottles could result in the mixing and matching of different medical containers’ lids and bottles.

  • Taking the wrong pill is a common mistake in older patients, as many pills look similar to each other, causing confusion. In order to avoid having the patient or a loved one take the wrong medication, weekly medicine can be re-organized in a nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer so that he or she only has to worry about the day, rather than the multiple medications.

  • Dosage issues commonly occur in patients both young and old, because when a patient is taking multiple pills, it is not uncommon to forget which pills have been taken already, and what pills have still yet to be taken. In order to avoid accidental overdoses, medication should be pre-separated and organized, streamlining the medication-taking process.

  • Forgetting if medication has been taken is extremely common in patients with memory issues, as well as seniors who just consider themselves to be forgetful. Seniors may wonder if they took their medication or not. Rather than retaking the medicine, a nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer will accurately show them if they have, or have not, already taken their medication.

Medical Product Innovation - The Nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer

Here at HealthSmart, our medical manufacturing company takes price in creating quality healthcare products that can let people live both healthier, and smarter, lives. One of our quality healthcare products, the nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer, is the perfect way to ensure that you or your loved one will adhere to a prescribed medication plan while minimizing the risk of missed medication, or double-dosed medication.

The nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer features seven sliding drawers so that each day’s medication may be properly separated, as well as magnetic drawer backings in order to keep the medication secure. Our quality medical products are also food-safe and BPA-free, because we believe that healthcare products should be, well…healthy.

Medical product innovation has made it easier than ever to live a healthy life with ease. Home healthcare products allow people to comfortably live in their own homes longer, as well as increase the comfort and accessibility of those living in assisted care facilities. Check out our medical equipment online like the nokabox Weekly Pill Organizer today and start to live HealthSmart!

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