The Importance of a Quality Pillow

Pillows are something that you likely would never consider as a critical component of your health, but they are. The importance of pillows is almost immeasurable, as they are only spoken of when someone has a bad night of sleep. In our discussion today, our medical manufacturing company is going to speak on the importance of a quality pillow, the health benefits of a pillow’s structure, and how a quality pillow can help with recovery.

What Makes a Pillow So Important?

As you sleep at night, your pillow is what keeps the upper half of your body supported while also keeping your spine in a neutral alignment. The physical benefits of a high-quality pillow are easy to judge, as with a quality pillow you are more likely to wake up without the aches or pains that you once were driven to the chiropractor to address. While the physical benefits are quite obvious, it is the mental benefits that are not as easy to see after a good night's sleep.

Mentally, a good pillow can contribute to your overall mental function, reduction of stress, and an increases in mood. All of these things can lead to you being healthier and happier, as the typical person needs seven to nine hours of sleep nightly to be at their healthiest, making a quality pillow seem to be more appealing than ever. Below, we are going to touch on a few things that you should look for in a pillow.

Filling & Fabric

When you are looking for a new pillow, keep in mind that the filling and fabric may be the most important qualities to regard. Obviously, the thickness of a pillow is up to the user's discretion, but it should be considered that a pillow that is overstuffed or extra thin can cause the user to wake with neck pain because of the lack of spinal support that they provide. Instead, look for a pillow that has a moderate fill that will allow your spine to rest in a neutral position.

Next, consider the materials and fabric that the pillow is made of. A pillow made of hypoallergenic materials like our DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow can aid in healthy and deep sleep by providing an allergen-free sleeping surface. Hypoallergenic materials have also been proven to help those suffering from respiratory issues like asthma sleep better.


The traditional pillow is an unimaginative rectangle that varies in thickness. While traditional pillows work for most people, they may not provide enough support for individuals with sensitive necks, or individuals that are suffering or recovering from an injury. For people in need of a more specialized pillow that is tailored to their support needs, it is worthwhile to buy a pillow from a medical manufacturing company like us here at HealthSmart. We produce products for healthy living, including supportive and hypoallergenic pillows like the DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow.

Recovering From An Injury? A Quality Pillow Can Help With That Too

Getting good sleep is important for everyone’s health, but if you are recovering or suffering from an injury, a quality night's rest is more important than ever. Sleep is a valuable time for our bodies to recover from the day’s events and rebalance our hormones, so lack of quality sleep can take a toll on your body’s recovery efforts. Some of the main hormones that are crucial in injury recovery are greatly affected by quality or lack thereof sleep. Below, are a few of the hormones that your body needs in injury recovery that can be greatly improved by quality sleep.


Pillows can be classified as a healthy lifestyle product, because their effect on the quality of your sleep may lead to more proper hormone levels with beneficial hormones like HGH. HGH aids the body in both building and repairing tissues in the body. In order for the body to adequately heal itself in the proper amount of time, it's crucial that quality sleep occurs at night. Products like our DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow can be seen as a valuable asset in HGH production as a result of deep sleep.


Home health care products are an excellent way to provide yourself with the necessary means of rest and recovery. When you are not getting enough sleep, your hormone levels may not be stable, making levels of stress high due to an imbalance of cortisol. Cortisol is the “stress hormone”, and stress is shown to be a negative impact on health and recovery. Our HealthSmart home health care products aim to help you recover, and stay healthy. Check out our quality healthcare products today.


Not getting enough sleep can increase the amount of time that it takes to recover from an injury, but it can also factor into your health in the form of weight gain. When recovering, it is important to try and keep your body in optimal health, but the “hunger hormone” leptin might not make that so easy. Leptin is the hormone that tells you that you're hungry, and too much of it can lead to weight gain, lethargy, and other bodily pressures that are a result of weight gain. Keep your body at it’s the best health with healthy life products like the DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep and keep your hormones in balance.

The DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow Can Help

Here at HealthSmart, we create quality healthcare products that may help you better maintain your health and recover from injuries and disabilities. Among those products is our DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow, a pillow that provides the user with both quality support and hypoallergenic properties to allow you to have a wholesome and healthy night’s sleep.

Available in two sizes, the DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow is the perfect pillow for someone recovering from an injury, or someone simply looking for the structure and support that allows for a quality night’s sleep. Check out the DMIⓇ Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow today, or browse our various other pillows, cushions, and seats.

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