The Best Uses For A Waterproof Foam Bath Seat

Sometimes, whether it be old age or injury, people find themselves needing help because they have lost some or all of their mobility. When the ability to be fully mobile is lost, people often find themselves struggling with day-to-day activities that they once could do without breaking a sweat. Because of this, medical manufacturing companies like we here at HealthSmart are driven to create new home healthcare products at the forefront of medical product innovation in order to  make people’s lives both safer and easier.

While most people think of a complex contraption when they hear the term “innovative medical product,” that isn't always what constitutes being helpful to people with medical conditions, disabilities, or injuries.  We say this because the product that we will be discussing today is not a product of great intricacies with a plethora of moving parts, but rather a less glamorous home healthcare product: waterproof bath cushion.

While products like the DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion may not be glamorous, they do have a particular allure that makes them extremely relevant —  functionality. In today’s blog post, your medical manufacturing company, HealthSmart, will be discussing the functionality of the DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion, and other home healthcare products like it.

Functional Uses Of A Waterproof Foam Bath Seat

As simple as a waterproof foam bath seat may seem, it is extremely functional when built well. Below, we will discuss the two major uses in which the DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion could be a asset to your restroom.

Getting In Or Out Of The Shower With A Disability

As we discussed above, having a disability or limited mobility can make the simplest of tasks like showering seem like the impossible. When someone has a mobility-restricting disability, they often turn to home healthcare products that can help them more easily complete the tasks that they struggle with. For example, take the issue of showering without the help of a caregiver when you cannot stand for long periods of time. It is likely that, in order to maintain some form of independence, someone who has trouble standing in the shower would purchase an innovative healthcare product like the DMIⓇ Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shower Chair, another one of our products here at HealthSmart. By purchasing this chair, they can maintain both independence and mobility in the bathroom. Just because you have mobility issues doesn't mean you should feel uncomfortable, and the DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion pairs wonderfully with the DMIⓇ Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shower Chair, combining both functionality and comfort in the shower.

Additionally, some people who need further help getting in or out of the shower may use a transfer bench that allows them to move freely over the lip of the tub. The DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion is also compatible with all transfer benches, making it a useful bathroom necessity.

Bathing The Kids

The DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion is an excellent addition to the bathroom due to its compatibility, comfort, and waterproofing, but its functionality goes much further than that of being a shower and transfer bench seat cushion.

If you are a parent of young children, you most likely have to kneel by the side of the tub as they bathe to ensure their safety and cleanliness. That being said, you probably know exactly how hard the floor is, because your knees have felt it every bathtime for the last two years or more. The DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion is the perfect tool to save your knees, plus it is waterproof and not at risk of being damaged.

The DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion

As we stated earlier, there is nothing glamorous about a waterproof foam bath cushion, but glamour aside, its functionality is unarguably perfect. What this home healthcare product brings to the table is durable waterproof closed-cell foam that provides support and comfort for its user. The DMIⓇ Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion proves that an innovative medical device doesn't necessarily have to have all the bells and whistles, but rather an extremely functional and beneficial purpose. For more home healthcare products from HealthSmart, check out our inventory online.

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