The Advantage Of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

Nearly everyone can look back at being a child and remember all of the times you were sick, resulting in your parent wielding an unsightly thermometer that you had to uncomfortably hold under your tongue for a whole minute. It may have been uncomfortable, but it did work, and while the results that it read may not have been enough to give you a day off from school, it was safer knowing if you had a fever or not thanks to the thermometer.

Luckily, the days of uncomfortable thermometers are behind us because medical product innovation has given us efficient products like the HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer. At HealthSmart, our medical manufacturing company makes health monitoring devices like thermometers, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and blood pressure cuffs that not only allow people to better manage their health, but also do it in a more comfortable way.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss non-contact infrared thermometers, their benefits, and why they are the next big thing in health and wellness monitoring products.

The Various Benefits of a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

In the past, various medical professionals have not exactly been supportive of the movement to go digital in the thermometer market, but with new medical product innovations, digital thermometers have become more efficient and more trustworthy than the initial wave of prototypes over a decade ago. Below, is a list of the multiple benefits of using a non-touch infrared thermometer like our HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer.

They Are Incredibly Easy To Use

Non-touch infrared thermometers are extremely easy to use, and they also produce fast results. While you may have gotten used to keeping a thermometer under your tongue for a minute, try not to, because now you can get a clinically accurate reading in just seconds, without even having to contact your skin.

Parents, have you ever experienced having to reluctantly wake up your child to take their temperature? Well, now you don't have to because with thermometers like the HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer you can take your child's temperature while they sleep. Medical equipment for home use has never been so easy to use.

They Are Both Fast & Accurate

Non-touch infrared thermometers are the health monitoring devices that both parents and physicians everywhere are talking about. Home health care products have never been so advanced, with non-touch infrared thermometers utilizing readings from both the skin temperature readings and the ambient air readings to calculate a fast and accurate result. Thermometers like the HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer even have built-in color-coded fever alarm systems making it fast and easy to determine the presence of a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

They Are Smart

Modern thermometers are much different than their now seemingly archaic counterparts, as we have previously discussed that they can provide readings faster, more accurately, and without touching the person suspected of having a fever. Along with being fast and efficient, medical product innovation is making the smarter, as they can record multiple temperatures and provide the user with a baseline to see if they are improving in health.

They Are Extremely Hygienic

Perhaps one of the most valuable assets of the HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer, and others like it, is that they are extremely hygienic. Traditional thermometers, used orally, can transmit the virus to others, especially if the thermometer is not cleaned well enough. HealthSmart products are meant to improve and monitor peoples health, not make others people sick, and that is why we manufacture non-contact instant-read infrared thermometers.

Check Out The HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer

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