Sleep Easier By Letting Your Pillow Do All The Work

At the HealthSmart Store, your online medical manufacturing company, we understand the intricacies and demands of the medical market. In doing so, we can ensure that consumers, like you, are receiving the innovative medical equipment that they need to address their health.

Some examples of the various home health care products that we sell are the DMI® Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow and the HealthSmart® Premium Foam Bed Wedge Pillow. These two quality healthcare products are specially tailored to address the increasing need for sleep assistance products as a result of a medical conditions or injury.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the importance of sleep, how sleep might affect you, and how to get better rest.

Why Do We Sleep?

Sleep is an interesting topic because it is something that everyone does, yet we still don't quite know why we sleep. Sure, we know that rest is an important part of our daily cycles, but what is happening to us while we rest? Sleep is a very important regulatory action that our bodies take to contribute to our overall health, yet still, researchers at Harvard University and similar medical institutions wonder why we sleep. Below, we have briefly listed some of their leading theories.

  • Inactivity Theory - One of the oldest theories regarding why we sleep, the inactivity theory, states that sleep is an adaptation that serves as a function of survival. By sleeping during the night time rather than actively moving about, animals survive better during a time that they might be more vulnerable to predators.
  • Energy Conservation Theory - Energy conservation theory states that sleep may be a form of energy conservation where animals reduce their body’s energy demand during periods of the day where food might be scarce. In doing so, energy is conserved for when it is needed.
  • Restorative Theory - This particular theory differs from the above theories in the sense that it does not illustrate sleep as a formed habit as a result of evolution, but rather a necessary function or restoring the body with what was lost during the day. This theory is supported by science, as the body does release some restorative hormones during sleep cycles.
  • Brain Plasticity Theory - One of the more recent theories regarding why we sleep is the brain plasticity theory, stating that sleeping helps to develop and shape the brain from the time that we are infants until adulthood.

While the above theories have not been proven, science has shown that sleep is a necessary function in the healthy development and sustenance of our bodies.  Because of this, it is extremely important that we get the proper amount of sleep. But what is the proper amount of sleep?

Am I Getting Too Little, Too Much, Or The Perfect Amount Of Sleep? 

The ideal amount of sleep necessary for proper health will vary greatly within different age groups, but for each age group, it is important to meet at least the minimum amount of sleep needed for proper health. Below, we have listed the average amount of sleep needed in a day according to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Newborns - 14-17 hours a day
  • 12 Months -  10 hours a day/4 hours of naps
  • 2 Years - 11-12 hours a day/2 hours of naps
  • 3-5 Years - 10-13 hours a day
  • 6-13 Years - 9-11 hours a day
  • 14-17 Years - 8-10 hours a day
  • Adults -  7-9 hours a day

By getting the proper amount of sleep, you can avoid health issues that are associated with getting too much or too little rest.

The Most Important Step: Getting To Sleep

One of the most common reasons for people lacking the proper amount of sleep is that they have trouble falling asleep. While some people could make it easier to fall asleep by tweaking their diet, exercise, and sleep schedule, others have trouble sleeping as a result of a medical condition.

Medical conditions such as allergies, joint injuries, acid reflux, respiratory issues, restless leg syndrome, and more can affect one's ability to fall asleep quickly and efficiently. If you suffer from a sleep inhibiting condition, it is essential that you contact a medical professional to discuss treatment options. A healthcare professional may be able to prescribe medication, refer you to specialists, or refer you to more natural treatment options like innovative medical equipment that can positively affect your ability to fall asleep.

One of the home healthcare products that a medical professional may end up prescribing to someone suffering from a sleep inhibiting medical condition is a specialized pillow. For joint issues and other medical conditions that can be solved by becoming a side-sleeper, quality healthcare products like the DMI® Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow exist. By using this specialized pillow, the user may comfortably sleep on their side while the pillow relieves common pressure points that may be inhibiting their ability to fall asleep. Additionally, specialized pillows like the HealthSmart® Premium Foam Bed Wedge Pillow may help people with respiratory issues, restless leg syndrome, and acid reflux by simply allowing the user to sleep with their torso or feet in an elevated position.

Because of this inherent need for people to maintain certain amounts of high-quality sleep we, as a medical manufacturing company here at the HealthSmart Store, saw a need to produce medical equipment for home use that can help people attain the sleep that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Buy Medical Products Online, Get Better Sleep

A simple solution to attaining the proper amount of sleep is to regulate your diet, exercise, and sleep schedule, as well as purchasing medical equipment online. Now, when we say medical equipment, we aren't necessarily talking about items like a CPAP machine, but rather are talking about simple solutions like the DMI® Wrap Around Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow or the HealthSmart® Premium Foam Bed Wedge Pillow.

At the HealthSmart Store, we sell our HealthSmart products both in business to business and business to consumer facets because we see the importance of people having quick access to health monitoring tools, healthcare supplies, and other medical equipment for home use that can help them live healthier lives.

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