Shower Safety Tips for The Elderly

Growing old is an inevitable thing, as nobody can avoid it, but it is experienced in different ways by different people. That being said, some people experience very minimal changes in old age due to both their genes and overall health, while the vast majority of Americans experience some sort of reduced mobility as a result of aging.

With over 15 percent of Americans being over the age of 65, it has become more important than ever that innovative medical products and home healthcare products are produced to aid the elderly in completing day-to-day tasks that have been made harder by mobility loss. Here at HealthSmart, your business to business and business to consumer medical manufacturing company, we make quality healthcare products that help people live safer and healthier lives.

One of the most dangerous rooms in the household for elderly people suffering from mobility loss as a result of aging is the bathroom. Americans over the age of 65 are the most at-risk for bathroom injuries, although people over the age of 85 constitute over 50 percent of bathroom injuries. Injuries in the bathroom can happen in multiple places, at the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, and even the tile floor can prove to be dangerous, and sometimes lethal, to elderly people with existing mobility issues.

Today, your medical manufacturing company HealthSmart is going to discuss one of the many bathroom dangers; the shower. The shower and bathtub account for nearly 66 percent of all bathroom related-injuries, making it important to know how you can make your shower safer, for either you or a loved one who is suffering from mobility loss.

Below, we have made a short list of simple tasks that can drastically increase the safety and accessibility of a bathroom, particularly that of the shower and tub.


Rubber Matting

It probably isn't that hard to believe that one of the leading causes of injury in the bathroom is slipping or falling in the shower or bathtub. One extremely simple solution to making a slip-free floor is to install slip-free rubber matting. Rubber matting can come in many different forms, but typically the best options offer small suction cups on the bottom that adhere to the ceramic, tile, or plastic floor of the shower or tub, ensuring that the mat will not move.  

When installing the matting, it is important to make sure that the adhering surface is dry, giving the helpful home healthcare product the chance to correctly adhere to the tub or shower floor.

Wire Storage Shelving

One of the largest reasons that people, particularly the elderly, fall in the shower is that they fall as they are trying to bend down and pick something up. Typically, people store their soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other shower products in the corner of the shower or tub, requiring them to bend downwards in order to retrieve them. This is especially dangerous when the floor of the shower or tub is wet, as a slight change in the center of gravity can cause the person to lose balance and fall. Installing a quality healthcare product like a wire shelf or a hanging caddy can reduce the users need to bend down, thus reducing the likelihood of falling and injury.

Lighting Improvements

While calling lighting a home healthcare product might seem a little odd, it absolutely is in the sense that it can help avoid injuries in the bathroom. Poorly lit spaces provide little benefits other than providing a general ambiance, so trade out those old light bulbs for some LED bulbs and make your bathroom a trip-free zone.

LED bulbs are not only more efficient, but they also provide more light in a “softer,” less blinding, white colored light. If changing the lightbulb doesn't work, consider replacing the light fixture above the shower with a newer, brighter, fixture.

Install Grab Bars

One of the most beneficial safety additions to a bathroom is grab bars, better known as handrails for support. Grab bars are quality healthcare product that can drastically reduce the chance of injury in the bathroom, particularly in that of the toilet, tub, and shower areas. For showers, it is most beneficial to place these home health care miracles on the wall, about waist height, parallel to the edge of the tub, as well as perpendicular to the tub edge. Grab bars can be utilized in getting into the shower or tub, as well as supporting oneself while showering. Grab bars can also be purchased as easily as searching “medical equipment online,” or by visiting the HealSmart store.

Install A Cordless Phone

Excuse us while we slightly deviate away from healthcare supplies, but a cordless phone can prove to be extremely beneficial in the bathroom. Particularly for the elderly, or other demographics that are at high risk of falling in the bathroom, a cordless phone can be a saving grace if a fall is to occur. Many people that have experienced a fall in the bathroom can't get up, walking to another room to find a phone to call for help, so instead, an easily accessible phone in the bathroom can make it easy to call for help.

Additionally, products like wireless doorbells exist and can assist someone in notifying others inside their building that they need assistance. While a phone or doorbell is extremely beneficial to alerting people when someone has fallen, we as a medical manufacturing company think that it is best to avoid the fall in the first place. That is why we offer medical equipment for home use in our store.

Purchase A DMIⓇ Medical Heavy-Duty Adjustable Height Seat Bench

At HealthSmart, one of the innovative medical products that we offer is the DMIⓇ Medical Heavy-Duty Adjustable Height Seat Bench. Like many of our other products, it is made specifically for the purpose of bathroom safety and injury prevention for people suffering from mobility loss as a result of injury or old age. The purpose of the DMIⓇ Medical Heavy-Duty Adjustable Height Seat Bench is designed to give people with mobility issues that are either scared of falling or cannot stand for long periods of time, shower safely.

DMIⓇ Medical Heavy-Duty Adjustable Height Seat Bench Specs:

At HealthSmart, we are a medical manufacturing company that specializes in home healthcare products and medical equipment for home use. Products like our DMIⓇ Medical Heavy-Duty Adjustable Height Seat Bench are excellent additions to the home of someone suffering from an injury, or limited mobility as a result of old age. Check out our site to see a comprehensive list of the products that we offer.

If you have any questions or concerns about our innovative medical products please feel free to contact us today.