Regain Your Functional Reach With A Grabber Reacher

For most people, grabber reachers have mostly been used in a non-essential capacity, almost like a toy, rather than as a mobility aid. Because of this, their value as a tool for people with mobility issues has been forgotten, or become less associated with the grabbing arm.

At HealthSmart, we are a medical manufacturing company that sells mobility assisting tools like the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool, because they help people live both easier and safer lives. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss grabber reachers, and how they help people with mobility issues complete their day-to-day activities.

What Is A Grabber Reacher?

Before we dive into some of the functional uses of a grabber reacher, it is important that we discuss what the innovative medical product is, as they go by many names. Grabber reachers like the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool are mobility tools that act as an extension of the user’s arm, allowing them to reach, and grab, things that otherwise would be out of reach. Whether the object is high or low, a grabbing arm can better allow the user to safely grab objects.

Now that we have clarified what a grabber reacher is used for, let's discuss a few ways that a grabber reacher can benefit someone with a mobility issue. 


Benefits Of Using A Grabber Reacher


One of the most important benefits that a grabber reacher can provide to someone suffering from mobility loss is safety. When people are restricted from accessing normal products for day-to-day use, they feel compelled to go out of their way to complete the task. For example, someone with a mobility issue might feel compelled to get a ladder to reach something on the top shelf. Rather than risking a dangerous fall off of a ladder, the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool, and other grabbers like it, can provide a safer alternative means of reaching the item.


The benefits of a grabber reacher are extremely versatile, as they can even benefit those that have a clean bill of health. In any situation where you are cleaning things up that are on the ground, a grabber reacher can aid you in not having to bend over repeatedly to pick things up. So whether it be picking up pinecones in the yard, or picking up clothes in the house, a grabber reacher can make the job both easier, and faster.


Very similar to a grabber reacher’s efficiency, this tool can save you from having to bend over, resulting in an overall better health. Often times the first mobility issues that people have as a result of old age are caused by damaged knees, hips, and backs as a result of habitual wear-and-tear. Grabber reachers like the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool are perfect for people with mobility issues that are trying to avoid straining or injuring themselves, as well as people who are trying to avoid mobility issues as a result of old age.

Functional Uses Of A Grabber Reacher

Grabber reachers are an extremely functional piece of medical equipment for home use, as they can be used to grab items that are simply unreachable without the aid of a home healthcare product. Below, your medical manufacturing company HealthSmart has outlined a few of the most functional uses that someone suffering from a mobility issue may find a grabber reacher helpful.

Reaching High Shelves

One of the most efficient uses of a product like the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool, and most obvious uses, is to reach items that are on high shelves. Whether it be a can of soup on a pantry shelf or a book on the top shelf of the bookcase, trying to reach an item on your own with a mobility issue can be dangerous, often resulting in further injury. Home healthcare products like grabber reachers are meant to eliminate the need for you to struggle to do something as simple as grabbing food off of the shelf.


While yes, being a home healthcare product you would assume that a grabber reacher isn't meant to go outside, but in reality, it is an extremely efficient yard work tool. For people suffering from mobility issues, bending down or squatting to grab sticks, pinecones, or other debris in their yard can be incredibly difficult, but with a grabber reacher, it doesn't have to be.

Reaching Low, Hard To Access Areas

For someone with mobility restrictions that make it hard to squat down, places like the cabinet under the sink become almost inaccessible and unusable. Because of this, something as simple as grabbing another roll of toilet paper or grabbing the reserve shampoo under the sink can become a seemingly impossible task. With medical equipment for home use like the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool, people can regain the functional use of those hard to reach spaces.

Regain Access To Hard To Reach Places With the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool

As we have reiterated multiple times today in our discussion of the various benefits that grabber reachers provide, people with mobility issues often struggle to reach both high, and low, shelves. With the use of a home healthcare product like our DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool, people may more easily and safely access hard to reach shelves, regaining the functional shelving space in their home. Equipt with a light, the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool can be used all hours of the day, as well as the night. Order a grabber reacher today, and see just how much easier retrieving items can be.

HealthSmart products are manufactured with the intention of helping people live healthy and quality lives. If you are looking for medical equipment for home use, be sure to check out our large inventory of quality healthcare products.

For more information about HealthSmart products like the DMIⓇ Lighted Grabber General Pick-Up Tool, or for any questions that you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us.