Lower Back Pain — General Causes and a Solution

Lower back pain is something that pretty much anyone, regardless of age, has experienced in their lifetime. The difference in the back pain that people have felt is the longevity of time that they experienced the pain. Whether your lower back pain was an isolated incident or a chronic issue that you have dealt with, it is important to address back pain as soon as it starts, rather than after it has manifested itself.

Lumbar support is a term that is often thrown around, without most people truly understanding the definition past the word “support”. Lumbar support is the act of supporting a small region of the back, consisting of your lumbar vertebrae, between your pelvis and your diaphragm. Now that we understand what lumbar support is, join us at HealthSmart, your medical manufacturing company, in discussing some of the common causes of lumbar discomfort, as well as some products and tools to relieve your back.

Common Causes Of Lumbar Pain

Below, we are going to discuss some, of the more common reasons for having pain in the lumbar region of your back. Nothing that is written in this post should be seen as a substitute for seeing a medical professional if you are experiencing back pain.

Herniated Disc

When discussing the back, the term “disc” refers to the soft jelly-like buffer between your vertebrae. Sometimes, the inner part of the disc can pop out, irritating nerve roots and creating swelling. While the pain from the herniated disc is usually short-lived, it could potentially leave you with general back pain for a short, or long period of time. One of the best ways to relieve general back pain is to practice maintaining a better posture. One way to do this is to consciously try to sit up straighter or to purchase a lumbar cushion like the DMIⓇ Relax-A-Back Lumbar Cushion.


The spine is one of the essential bone systems in your body, and it is also the one that can be most affected by trauma. Traumatic events that can affect your spine range from small falls to severe automobile accidents. Trauma can cause small fractures or dislocation in your spine that may not be large enough or alarming enough to send you seeking medical help. These acute injuries may cause the sensation of pain in the lumbar region of the back. Of course, medical attention should be sought out, but during the recovery process, there are quality healthcare products that you can find by simply searching, “buy medical supplies online.”


The results of the normal-to-severe wear and tear of the spine are known as osteoarthritis. Over time, discs and joints become damaged, making movements more painful and making the back less stable. If you find yourself seeking home health care products to make yourself more comfortable after consulting a healthcare professional, consider looking into the innovative healthcare product the DMIⓇ Relax-A-Back Lumbar Cushion, a HealthSmart product. While our lumbar cushion is not a prescribed medical solution for this degenerative joint disease, it may cause some relief to back pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Poor Posture

While poor posture may not seem like enough to cause moderate to severe back pain, it definitely can. Spending extended periods of time in a slouched stature can cause added stresses on the discs and joints in your back, resulting in the entirety of your back hurting, including the surrounding muscles. One of the most common causes of poor posture is sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time and improperly leaning forward towards the computer screen. Adding lumbar support in this situation may force the user to practice a better posture. Luckily, medical manufacturing companies make home healthcare products like the DMIⓇ Relax-A-Back Lumbar Cushion that help users correct their posture while relieving back pain.

Relieve Back Pain With The DMIⓇ Relax-A-Back Lumbar Cushion

Most people have experienced back pain at some point in their life. Whether it was mild or extreme, it was most definitely less than desirable. After consulting a medical professional, there is often still a residual amount of pain, making home healthcare products extremely beneficial to those suffering from back pain, whatever the case may be.

At HealthSmart, your medical manufacturing company, we make quality healthcare products like the DMIⓇ Relax-A-Back Lumbar Cushion to aid our customers in living healthy lives. Our lumbar support cushion is made from orthopedic foam and a wooden lumbar support board while featuring an elastic strap to secure it to any seat that you use it on. Let our quality healthcare products help you achieve the lower back pain relief with the support that you deserve today.

If you have any questions about our various healthcare products, please visit our site, or contact us at HealthSmart today, your quality home healthcare product destination.