Increasing Safety And Mobility In Your Bedroom

It is more than likely that at some point in your life, you will experience difficulty getting in or out of bed, and it is more than likely that the cause of this difficulty will be attributed to either old age or an injury. When someone becomes injured or experiences mobility loss from aging, this simple day-to-day task becomes increasingly difficult, and usually, ends up feeling seemingly impossible. Here at HealthSmart, we say that mobility loss should not get in the way of being able to complete day-to-day tasks – that is if you have the right tools. One way to combat the issue of getting in or out of bed is to purchase a DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail, an innovative medical device that can be adjusted and fitted to a bed, providing the affected person(s) with the leverage and stability to help themselves get out of bed.

In today’s post, our medical manufacturing company is going to discuss some of the things that a DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail can do to help someone that has temporarily, or permanently lost their mobility.

The Benefits Of A Bed Assist Rail


A bed assist rail can drastically improve the safety of a person suffering from a mobility issue by providing them with the support necessary to get in our out of bed without putting any unnecessary strain on already injured of damaged muscles. If an injured person is to try to exert too much pressure on an already injured muscle, they are at risk of further damaging the injury they are trying to recover from. Additionally, if someone is suffering from mobility loss from old age, the support can prevent muscle strain and potentially injuring falls. At HealthSmart, our DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail is a home healthcare product that is designed to make getting in or out of bed safer, and easier.


Healthcare supplies like a bed assist rail are extremely beneficial to safety, but a lesser-known benefit of a bed assist rail is the security it provides the user. When someone is partially bedridden from either an injury or old age cause mobility, it is often overlooked that the affected person may feel scared to try to get in or out of bed due to the risk or pain that it may cause them. Because of this, giving them the ability to use a healthcare product like a bed assist rail, it may provide the affected person with the confidence necessary to freely move in and out of bed.


The last benefit of a bed assist rail like the HealthSmart DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail is independence. When an injured person, or someone who has otherwise experienced mobility loss, has trouble getting in and out of bed, it can be quite frustrating for them to accept help from others to complete a task that they are used to completing on their own. In an effort to solve this, without causing the person affected by mobility loss to unsafely try to get in or out of bed on their own is to get them a quality healthcare product like a bed assist rail. If you know someone suffering with day-to-day activities like getting in and out of bed, give them the gift of independence with the DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail.

HealthSmart Products: The DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail

The DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail is an innovative medical device that can be adjusted to fit any bed and produce the additional support that someone restricted by mobility issues may need. Its adjustable height and lightweight construction make it easy to install, and even easier to use. If you or a loved one is struggling with mobility issues and having trouble getting in and out of bed, consider looking into the DMIⓇ Bed Assist Rail, or browse out various other products today.

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