In-Ear Infrared Thermometers: How They Work And How To Use Them

Remember the simpler times where you could get away with staying home sick by simply sticking the thermometer in your tea while your parents weren't looking? Sadly for kids seeking the comfort of their bed on a school day, that time has passed, as the era of the traditional under-the-tongue thermometer is in decline.

While it may be disheartening to hear that you can no longer get away with taking a personal day, there are some benefits to the decline in relevance of the traditional thermometer. While new thermometers that are at the forefront of medical product innovation may not allow for the occasional “sick day,” they are extremely efficient and produce results much faster than their archaic counterparts.  

In a past post, we discussed the efficiency and accurate readings of the HealthSmartⓇ Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Thermometer, as it is leaps and bounds more efficient than traditional temperature taking methods. Today, your medical manufacturing company will be discussing another efficient and accurate new thermometer. Much like our other infrared digital thermometers, the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer,  is an excellent tool for diagnosing fever and produces accurate results, faster than ever.

Today, we will be discussing infrared ear thermometers, how they work, how to use them, and the specifications of our product, the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer.

How They Work

Health monitoring devices like infrared digital ear thermometers are essential to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as they can easily alert you when something is wrong, helping you make an educated decision on path to recovery. 

Part of understanding how health monitoring devices help us diagnose issues such as high blood pressure and fever, it is important to have a basic understanding of how there innovative medical products work.

Thermometers like the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer utilize the measurement of infrared energy that is emanating from the user's eardrum to calculate body temperature, determining if you do, or do not, have a fever. One of the reasons that in-ear thermometers are so incredibly efficient at determining body temperature is because they take their measurements of the eardrum, which happens to be incredibly close to the temperature-regulating part of the brain, the hypothalamus. Another reason that this method is so effective is that it is measuring a point on the body that is actually considered to be inside the body, impacted by external variables.

Quality healthcare products like in-ear infrared thermometers are extremely helpful health monitoring devices, but to ensure that they produce accurate readings, it is important to know how to use them properly.

Proper Use

Infrared thermometers measure the user’s body temperature remotely, without physically contacting the part of the body that is being measured, meaning that it is incredibly important to ensure that they are used correctly. Essentially, the goal is to not touch, but have a clear line-of-sight between the tip of the thermometer and the eardrum. Below, your medical manufacturing company, HealthSmart has compiled a short list of steps depicting how to properly, and efficiently use an in-ear infrared thermometer.

  • Not all people have straight eardrums, with some having slight curves, making it extremely important to pull the ear back to straighten the ear canal. In doing so, you are ensuring that the infrared sensor may accurately read the eardrum temperature.
  • Before taking the temperature measurement, it is extremely important to make sure that the ear canal is clear of fluid, earwax, or other obstructions. If there are any materials in your ear canal, natural or not, the temperature reading might not be completely accurate, so it is important to ensure clean ears prior to starting.
  • When taking the readings, it is important to take each result with a grain of salt, as there could be variables throwing off the result of the test such as debris in the ear canal as we discussed above. If you suspect the reading is inaccurate, retake it multiple times to ensure that you have received the correct reading. Luckily, thermometers like the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer have a nine-reading storage system, so if you are unable to remember a reading, it is a simple as looking it up again.

Health monitoring devices are an incredible asset to any first aid kit, as they can provide users with information that can lead them to take the correct steps towards getting better, sooner. Innovative medical devices are an essential part of being able to live a healthy life, making home healthcare products like the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer an essential tool for taking accurate temperature readings.

Product Specs: HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer

Being a medical manufacturing company, it is HealthSmart’s mission to provide both businesses and individuals with quality healthcare products that have the potential to enrich and better people's lives. Innovative medical products like the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer make taking body temperatures easier, faster, and more efficient. Our digital ear thermometer accurately calculates the user’s body temperature by measuring the ear temperature, as well as the ambient air temperature, to ensure that no external factors affect the accuracy of the test. Our in-ear thermometer also features an easy-to-read digital screen that depicts the results with user-friendly results.  All you need is the HealthSmartⓇ Compact Instant Read Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer and two AAA batteries, and you have yourself an accurate and efficient health monitoring device.

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