Four Reasons To Use A Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors have always been associated with people who are over-tidy and clean freaks, but in reality, a mattress protector is something that everyone should have. Mattress protectors like the Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector can protect your mattress from a multitude of damage, as well as protect you from allergens and bacteria.

In today’s blog, our medical manufacturing company HealthSmart, will be discussing the various benefits of using a mattress protector.

Prolong Mattress Life

The primary benefit that you may see when utilizing a quality healthcare product like a mattress protector is that the longevity of your mattress life will substantially increase. Over multiple years of wear and tear, you may notice that your mattress is misshapen, or broken in too well in one spot rather than being evenly worn down. This happens because every night your body perspires, even if it is such a little amount that you don’t notice it, letting sweat soak into the mattress. When your mattress takes on the duties of a sponge, it is likely that it’s structure will deteriorate faster.

At HealthSmart, we manufacture healthy life products like the Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector that can prolong the life of your mattress, as well as protect you from any allergens or bacteria that you may have transferred to your mattress before applying a mattress protector.


An allergen is a substance that causes the body to produce an antigen that causes an immune response to alarm the body of a substance that usually wouldn't be a threat to the body. So in other words, allergens are annoying, unpleasant, and unnecessary. Sadly, your mattress, without a mattress protector, can act as a collection device for allergens.

Both children and adults can have mild to severe reactions to allergens found in mattresses, but mattress protectors can potentially stop or reduce the reactions that are experienced. The HealthSmart Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector is a waterproof sheeting for adults, children, toddlers and even pets that have incontinence or bed wetting issues, but it may also suppress the effects of allergens in a mattress.

Mattress Protection From Wetness

All mattress protectors can somewhat protect a mattress from dampness caused by sweat, but there are also mattresses covers that can protect your mattress from liquids that have been spilled, or inadvertently released. The Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector is the perfect example of a mattress protector of this type.

It is well known that most children go through a stage of bed wetting, the act of urinating in bed leaving stains and deep scents on a mattress if it is not properly protected. Waterproof bed protectors are dual-layered, with the outer layer being made of soft cotton and the inner layer consisting of waterproof synthetic rubbers.

Much like the beginning of our lives, some people have issues with incontinence in the latter years, due to medical conditions or old age. The Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector are one of many healthcare supplies that we produce here at HealthSmart that aids in preventing mattress damage from bedwetting and incontinence.

Keeps Pests Out

Pests are notoriously known for infiltrating your home and searching for the most hospitable place to live. For pests like bed bugs and dust mites, that place happens to be in your mattress. Mattress protectors may inhibit, or prevent the infestation of pests in your beloved mattress.

While a mattress protector can’t prevent bed bugs, as they can live in the sheets, but a mattress protector might make your mattress seem like a less-desirable home. The pest that is more so affected by mattress protectors is dust mites, small microscopic mites that feed on dust. Dust mites find mattresses to be particularly hospitable because overtime, mattresses my acquire a stockpile of dust.

The use of mattress protectors like the Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector can inhibit the collection of dust on your mattress by not allowing the dust to pass through to them. Because of this, these home healthcare products prove to be extremely effective at creating an inhospitable place for pests, and an extremely hospitable place for you.

Protect Your Mattress With The Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector

At HealthSmart, we understand the health implications of having a well-protected mattress, that's why our Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector is built to protect your mattress at all costs.

Whether you need to line a changing table, child's bed, or adult bed, the Duro-MedⓇ Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector can protect your mattress from bedwetting and incontinence, sweat, pests, and long-term wear.

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