Do You Need A Mattress Pad Or Mattress Protector?

If there is one room of the house that everyone loves it's the bedroom. A bedroom is a place that is meant to be stress-free and safe for you to relax in. But what makes a bedroom a bedroom? You probably guessed it — the bed. Beds are the one place we go when we are tired, have had a tough day, or simply just want to zone out for a while. Since the bedroom is the cornerstone of your relaxation space, it is extremely important to protect it. But then the question is raised, “Do I need a mattress pad or do I need a mattress protector?” Today your medical manufacturing company the HealthSmart Store will discuss mattress pads and rubber mattress covers, what they are, and when you should use them.

What Is A Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is a covering that fits the bed much like a fitted sheet. Typically mattress pads are used to marginally add comfort to the mattress as they consist of multiple layers of fabric and can also include foam or other soft suspending substances.

In order to install a mattress pad on your bed simply search “mattress cover online” and find one that meets the dimensions of your mattress. Before purchasing a mattress pad it is also important to browse the different product qualities, as much as bed sheets, mattress pads have a standard of quality similar to the thread count of sheets. While buying a mattress pad may seem like a high-quality solution to protecting your mattress, they can often be purely for comfort.

What Is the Point Of A Mattress Pad?

As we have stated above, a mattress pad is usually meant for aesthetic reasons like providing your mattress with additional support or softness, but their use can also marginally prolong the life of your mattress. By using a mattress pad your bed can be protected from long-term damages like stains from minor spills and perspiration. Additionally, mattress pads can protect your mattress from accumulating microscopic skin cells that are rubbed off of our bodies as we sleep. While a mattress pad is a necessity to any bedroom, sometimes it isn't quite enough protection for your mattress. It might be time to look into waterproof bedding.

What Is A Rubber Mattress Cover?

Rubber mattress covers have long been associated with older generations that are incredibly meticulous in preserving their mattresses and furniture, but in reality, they are a quality healthcare product. Unlike mattress pads, mattress covers come in two primary forms — fitted and unfitted, with the latter of the two resembling an unfitted sheet. Unlike mattress pads, rubber mattress covers are meant to be used purely for mattress protection rather than additional comfort, although mattress covers like the DMI® Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector don't sacrifice comfort for protection. At the HealthSmart Store, our waterproof mattress pads and covers are unmatched in quality and comfort.

In order to install a rubber mattress cover,  simply search “mattress waterproof protector cover” or “mattress cover online” to find a multitude of high-quality synthetic rubber mattress covers here at the HealthSmart Store. Much like a mattress pad, a mattress cover is mean to be applied between the mattress and the fitted sheet providing the mattress with leak-free protection.

Why Would You Need A Rubber Mattress Cover?

Rubber mattress covers are known best as a non-porous barrier that protects the mattress from childhood bedwetting, elderly incontinence, or spilled liquid, but they can provide less visible protection as well. Waterproof bedding or mattress cases can also protect your mattress from infestations of pests, as well as suppressing allergens, so be sure to check out the DMI® Waterproof Bed And Furniture Protector today.

Find A Mattress Cover Online At The HealthSmart Store

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