Canes & Walking Aids: Types & Benefits

In the United States, roughly 22,750,000 are unable to walk more than a quarter of a mile as a result of their health. That is seven percent of the entire American population. Because of this staggering statistic we here at the HealthSmart Store, your medical manufacturing company, find it extremely necessary to discuss some of the various mobility aids that can potentially help make walking easier.

Below we have compiled a list of innovative medical devices, as well as the benefits that each mobility aid may encompass.


Crutches are straightened support that can be used as a mobility aid by relieving your body weight from your legs, reallocating the pressure to either your forearms of your underarms. Crutches are popularly used in people who have injured their lower body and are only temporarily immobile, but crutches can also be used by people with permanent disabilities. Below, we have made a bulleted list of the two major designs of crutches.

  • Axillary Crutches - You most likely know these mobility aids as underarm crutches as they are the traditional crutch design. Axillary crutches are meant to be placed firmly beneath the arm while snug against the ribcage. Naturally, this crutch design is not built for comfort and is more commonly used for short-term injuries.
  • Lofstrand Crutches - Lofstrand crutches, more commonly known as forearm crutches, are commonly used by people that are suffering from long-term injuries. Lofstrand crutches relieve the pressure on the legs by featuring a metal or plastic cuff around the forearm for stability and hand grips for support.


Walkers are traditionally used by elderly people with mobility issues and people with extreme physical disabilities. Walkers consist of a metal framework that surrounds the user on three sides. With this metal frame, the user will be supported if they fall forward or to either side. Once the user is in the walker, they will either slide or lift the walker forward, then follow it, thus repeating the process over and over in order to move forward. Walkers can differ greatly in size shape and function, as some walkers are meant to be slid, some are meant to be rolled, and some are meant to be ridden (like a scooter). While walkers are a quality healthcare product, they lack the efficiency and mobility of some of the other mobility aids on the market.


Wheelchairs are innovative medical devices that allow for people with little to no leg mobility move freely within flat areas. While people often associate wheelchairs with issues like old age and the complete inability to utilize one's legs, wheelchairs can also be used by people who have become injured and can only heal properly by not using their legs. Additionally, wheelchairs are extremely effective mobility tools for people that would usually utilize walkers or crutches that have to cover a march larger distance in a short amount of time.

Mobility Scooters

Similar to wheelchairs, mobility scooters are most commonly used by individuals that have the inability to walk even with the use of mobility aids. Mobility scooters are a motorized personal vehicle that is not much larger than a wheelchair. In addition to being an excellent medical device for traveling long distances, it is also extremely beneficial to those who do not have the upper body strength to manually move forwards. While scooters can be beneficial for traveling long distances with ease, the cannot be considered a home healthcare product because they are not compatible with stairs.


Last but not least, we have the most common mobility aid of all, the cane. Arguably the simplest of mobility aids that we have discussed today, the traditional can is nothing more than a waist-high straight support with a perpendicular grip. Canes are perfect for people who do not need crutches, but still, need some degree of support and lower body relief, as they do provide the lower body with relief but not as much as crutches. Canes come in many shapes and sizes so in an effort to make things more clear, the Healthsmart store, your medical manufacturing company, has decided to outline the three major types of cane.

  • Traditional Canes - Traditional canes are quite simple and feature a waist-high single piece of wood or metal that are adjoined by a perpendicular handle and a rubber pad at the base.
  • Quad Canes - Quad canes are extremely similar to traditional canes, only differing in the base of the can. While most canes have one rubber pad on the base of the cane, the quad cane features four feet. The point of the multiple feet on this variation of the cane is to provide more support and create a more firm base for the user.
  • Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane - The Switch Stick is an innovative medical product that has taken a new approach to the functionality of cane design. While it is built like a traditional cane in stature, the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane can fold up to the size of a purse for quick and easy storage. Additionally, the Switch Stick can be rebuilt extremely fast so that whenever you need it it is there.

Regain Mobility With The Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane

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The Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick - Folding Walking Cane is the perfect mobility aid for the person on the go, as it can be easily packed up and stowed away, but just as easily assembled when you need it again.

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