Bathroom Safety Precautions

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the entire house, with more than 235,000 hospital visits a year being the result of a bathroom incident. Of course, there are many reasons that one could get injured in the bathroom, as people may suffer injuries in front of the sink, while on the toilet, or in the shower. However, there are ways to avoid injury while in the bathroom.

A wide variety of people visit the hospital every year from bathroom injuries, with the elderly and those suffering injuries at the top of the list for the likelihood of a fall or injury. That being said, people who are perfectly healthy are also at risk of injury, as a pool of water on slick tile doesn't care if you are old, young, injured, or healthy – it will still be slippery.

In today’s blog, our medical manufacturing company will discuss a few common causes of bathroom injuries, and how they can be prevented by innovative healthcare products like the extremely durable DMIⓇ Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shower Chair.

Injuries Regarding The Toilet

While the toilet is a place that you wouldn't commonly associate for injuries, it is one of the more likely places for injury to occur in the bathroom. Young children, the elderly, and the injured are most at risk for injury when using the toilet. Some of the more common injuries would be if someone slipped into or off of the toilet, children falling into the toilet, and the elderly and injured falling while trying to sit down on or while getting off of the toilet.

To avoid slipping into or off of the toilet, the best solution is to make sure all surfaces in the bathroom are dry, as well as placing bath mats with sticky material on the bottom that grips the bathroom floor. As far as avoiding injury to a small child, parental supervision is the best way to prevent injury. Lastly, to avoid injury from an elderly or injured person getting on or off of the toilet, a quality home care product like a bathroom support rail may be the safest solution.

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Injuries Regarding The Sink

The sink, much like the toilet, is another culprit of bathroom injury that people would not usually be considered to be dangerous. In fact, it is not as much the sink that causes injuries than it is people falling into the sink. According to the Center for Disease Control, fainting in the bathroom is a common cause of injury, as well as slipping. While It is more common in younger demographics, it is still more than likely something that should be kept in mind by all age groups.

Much like avoiding slipping near the toilet, bath mats with rubber bottoms are an extremely effective solution to preventing slippage into the sink. Additionally, to avoid hitting the sink as a result of fainting, it is best to avoid locking knees while standing near the sink for extended amounts of time.

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Shower And Bath Injuries

As a medical manufacturing company that produces healthcare supplies, we know that shower and bath injuries are the most common. Both bathtubs and showers are dangerous to get both in, and out of, as their tile and ceramic compositions are often extremely slippery when wet. Below, we have outlined three steps to make your shower or tub safer.

  1. Lay down bath mats outside of the tub or shower so that you can have a non-slip surface to step on to as you get out. There are also bath mats that can be placed inside of the shower or bath, to prevent slippage when standing.
  2. Install grab bars and handrails on the outside of the shower or near the exit-point of the bath so that you may be able to better support yourself as you exit. Use a bath seat like the innovative DMIⓇ Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shower Chair so that you may have a place to sit, or a support to grab when standing up and exiting the shower or bath.
  3. Innovative medical products and home healthcare supplies like the DMIⓇ Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shower Chair are extremely important resources in aiding the safety of the elderly, injured, and even healthy demographics when bathing.

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